Thursday, September 10, 2009

Theta Mom

I will be the first to admit it , I don't do much for myself . Well between 2 babies, 2 in diapers and cloth at that , a whole new diet, breastfeeding and trying to rid the world of people who don't know anything about vaccinations .So anyway this week I spent 2 hours not just 1 but 2 hours by myself * Lyla was in the sling* in a book store! I bought 5 books all of which I am dying to read and am only on chapter 5 in the first book .

So what about you did you spend 1 hour this week to yourself ? Did you do something you just love? or was it just spending some time in a bookstore without a screaming toddler ?

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  1. Hi Roxanne-Thanks so much for joining in! That sounds like heaven to me...spending quiet time in a bookstore and getting the opportunity to choose brand new books to read and enjoy! Excellent! You so deserve this!

    BTW, I will look forward to reading through your other posts. You are walking wealth of information and experiecne that really can help other mothers! Yay for that!