Saturday, September 5, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 1

I wanted to blog about this while it is fresh in my mind, while I have no distractions and while to be honest I can sit in our office and avoid the house that should be cleaned :)

Chapter 1- What is Autism?

I didn't know to be honest what autism was, I knew about it but I never knew it was that a persons body wasn't processing stimuli correctly .Did you ? For example Riaans pain tolerance is so high and not acknowledging when we are speaking to him .


For us stimming isn't an issue but I do wonder where the line is drawn between normal and autistic behavior ? Riaan for instance will play with water or the light switch but when is it to much ? When does switching the light switch up and down become an issue ? 5 times ? 23 times ?


As I was reading this I was wondering so many people want healing and miracles to happen and I wonder whats wrong with just good improvement? Isn't that good enough ? Even if I knew where god and I stood a little better these days I will be more then happy and praise his name if he walks us down this road and he chooses just to help us even if he chooses not to preform a miracle.

Physical Pain

This got to me . This brought tears to my eyes . The idea that Riaan was in pain both physically and emotionally and he couldn't tell us . He couldn't communicate with us that something was wrong.


Riaan wasn't vaccinated for anything except right after birth he got his first vaccinations . I regret this not because we are now walking down this journey but because that day while having an emergency c-section I was unable to speak my true feelings and protest the shots. For those of you who don't know mercury is a cheap preservative that they allow in vaccinations . Even though most people believe there is none in vaccinations anymore that is incorrect there is just a smaller dose with a different name.Pretty tricky of those pharmaceutical companies huh .

What are your thoughts on vaccinations ? If you chose to vaccinate do you feel like you made the right decision ? Did you have all of the information you needed to make the right decision?

Daily Diary

It will look something like this . I will be starting this on monday .

(scale 1-4, where 4 is the most intense or highest)

Bowel movement (frequency and size)

Supplements (dose and frequency)

Food Diary

Sleep (hours, naps and nighttime)


Self-Injurious behavior (frequency and scale)

Evenness of temperament (scale)

Irritability (scale)

Staring into space (scale)

Flexibility (scale)

Without this daily journal you wont know whats working and what isn't, and without this your doctor will have a hard time collaborating with you in this process.

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