Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So We Dont Forget

Since Lynnette's family is on vacation, she thought it'd be fun to write a memory from vacation. It can be about a particular vacation or even just an event from a vacation. If you haven't been on family vacation (and she know it's not that unusual), just write about something from a little getaway - even if it was only a few hours! :)

I think the best vacation I can remember is from 4 years ago. On February 13, 2007 we were excited to be expecting a little bundle of joy and were planning a weekend getaway to Port Angeles to see my family . I was almost 19 weeks pregnant and we recently had found out it was a boy. Back then I didn't realized babies died, who knew you could have late miscarriages? Not me .

I started bleeding while visiting my mom before our little trip . She suggested we go to the doctor and I remember while they were doing the ultrasound the way this women looked at me . The sympathy in her eyes and I knew something was wrong . That day We lost our baby due to placenta abruption . I know I know how does this have anything to do with vacation but it does so keep reading :)

We had decided to still proceed with our plans for our trip just go a few days later. That trip was the beginning of my healing. The healing my body needed, the healing of knowing real life and things don't always happen the way you think they should .

I look back and remember nothing negative about our loss, I am thankful for the support I had, the love I felt and because of that loss it has shaped so many things . On that trip we met a women who had lost a baby at birth, we met a family who practices Attachment Parenting, we bought a baby carrier I still use , my husband knew my emotions and my soul and he never once judged me for the things I said I needed.

We still every year go to this sweet little bed and breakfast in Port Angeles. Every year we speak to the owner and his sweet little old wife. Every year they hold our children and speak nothing but great things. They make us breakfast and put it by our door and every year we go back and remember what we lost and what we have gained .


  1. It is wonderful to have somewhere that becomes a "tradition", a place that is comfortable and a place that lets us remember

  2. Oh that is precious. God was good to have that trip lined up for you beforehand - it was a time to begin to heal for you. I understand that.