Saturday, September 5, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism

Bring It On Book Club

We are reading Healing and Preventing Autism by Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel.Please feel free to get this book and read along with us . I have enjoyed this book so much and have so much to blog about I am sure we will be reading this fairly fast with hopes to get to more books full of knowledge.


Jenny talks about mom radar and wow wow wow it is so true . I have found this our journey I need to convince people he isn't just a slower talker , that these behaviors aren't cute or special. I just want to keep looking I know there is more to Riaan . I can relate so much to what Jenny talks about with her son Evan who has autism.


It was interesting reading this for us because we never did vaccinate for the MMR shot nor did Riaan ever have a regression with words. For us it seems like Riaan always has done things slower then the normal , it seems like with his vocabulary he continues to add new words but just at a slow rate . I look back and wonder if I could have picked up on the signs earlier because now with Lyla there are amazing differences at just 5 months old.

One thing that really stood out for me in this was how they talk about how pediatricians aren't trained to point out the red flags, how for many years pediatricians would say " oh don't worry they will catch up."It brings me back to wanting to fight for a VBAC . This is another category where the " professionals" are so out of date with the best and newest information they are over looking what they need to be seeing .

We hear about epidemics all the time why aren't we hearing more about the pandemic we are living in right now involving autism ?

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  1. I can't stop reading this book. I'm sure I'll be reading more then once!