Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On the Lighter Side of Things

On to the lighter side of things....Which is normeally Lyla because Riaan is a whopping 58 pounds !

She has decided she likes to move it move it and is off and ready to crawl at 5 months old . Sometimes I watch her army crawling and moving around the floor and I ask her to stop because she is my baby and I cant allow her to grow up so fast.

I remeber with Riaan I anticipated the first's and when he didnt speak on time people kept reminding me that once he starts they never stop . Well let me tell you what after two years I want to hold a conversation with Riaan I want to hear his emotion, his voice, his excitment and his frustration . Now I hope this little girl doesnt talk tell she is 2 because that will be just another milestone to remind me she isnt a baby anymore .

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