Saturday, July 10, 2010

Peaceful Parenting in Bad Taste

There is a blog and Facebook page for a group called peaceful parenting . In the past I have read there posts and FB links. I found there information worth wild and well researched.

Recently on Facebook they posted a link with a picture to a site showing dead babies in cruel and unusual ways. Many mothers were offended and didnt appreciate this showing up in there "thread" on facebook. When asked to remove it or when it was brought to PP notice that is was inappropriate to do that with a picture because it brings up hard emotions for people they deleted comments, removed members and blocked some members from being able to comment on posts.

This was there response

peaceful parenting to those upset that we identified & asked you to report the violent "Dead Babies" Facebook Page: As horrific (and evil) as it truly is to joke about this serious and somber subject, we feel we have a social responsibility to bring an END to things like this. It should not be allowed on FB. We were not able to post a link to the page w/out the thumbnail showing up. (cont. below)

peaceful parenting After discussion between moderators, we decided to post. Your sacrifice in looking at & reporting the page will hopefully eliminate the need for thousands of others to see it as well.

Lots of people asked and posted questions like this

But why delete the comments on the PP wall? Many times I've seen a bit more of a warning such as "Loss Trigger" etc. which might have been appropriate here. While I certainly agree that the picture should be reported and removed I think that the posting of the article could have been done a bit more sensitively. I want to add that I really appreciate your page and the incredible info I've received from it.

I personally had my repectful comment removed. I shared that I had lost a baby at 20 weeks and struggled seeing that picture even just for a minute. They chose to respond to me with no emotion and lack of care.

I feel the need to share there way of handling this because it shows poor judgement and they need to realize that when dealing with mothers and children emotions are heavily involved.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Checking in

Hi Friends,How is your summer going ?

Ours has been a mix of preschool 2 a week and me working 3 days a week . Seems like it has been crazy but cant really think what we did most days. I have found time though to do Lyla's hair everyday.

This couldnt be cutier right ?

Riaan has started talking so much, combinding words and trying so hard to communicate. Everyday he tries hardier and I really hope by September his teacher notices a diffrence.He has became very camera shy and this is what alot of his pictures look like now .

We have bbeen taking Riaan swimming once a week and he is finally getting into the pool. Sometime through the summer he forgot how great it was to swim but is happy to adventure in it now .

Nothing to exciting on this front. I have more to share but the lack of time is stopping my words from coming.