Saturday, September 12, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 3


This really struck with me when they talk about children like mine have such limited diets. Riaan only eats a small handful of foods and the base of all the meals is pasta or bread.Some of the other reasons like history of antibiotics , constipation, failure to trive and low muscle tone dont apply to us . As most of you know I have a very solid 60 pound two year old !

"Vitamins are essential for growth and development. Minerals help them do their job."

Riaan has always been on pro-biotics but wow I had no idea of so many diffrent kids and the importance of them .

B 12

It is used to utilized almost every cell in the body and has a tremndous impact on the nervous system and .gastrointestinal system

They suggest using

Zinc and Selenium

Calcium and magnesium

Fatty acids

Digestive enzymes and protein


I dont know about you guys but reading that list was very overwhelming to me . Knowing that he could be lacking in so many areas was scary . I have added no new supplements to Riaan's diet at this time . I am 1) a strong believer in getting a doctor involved when you start giving our children multiple vitamins because blood should be taken 2) I dont know about you but tackling wheat and gluten right now is hard enough and remebering all of this other stuff might just push me over the edge !

If you do decide to add supplements into your childrens diets I think Healing and Preventing Autism has a great place to start on page 73-77.

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