Thursday, September 3, 2009

Therapy Session # 5

We had therapy today with Miss "R" and it was so nice when she walked in Riaan gave her a hug and showed her some affection . She brought with her "J" and "L" to discuss autism and behaviours that Riaan does that may be concerning .

I was please to hear him say " WOW" "Woof" and " All Done". That was great for them to see . They also mentioned that they DONT think he is autistic but there is an underlying nuerlogical issue . Is that better ? I am not sure anymore. It does mean I need to get back to that specialist to get another referal this time for a nuerologist at childrens hospital .

I am still waiting to hear when our audiologist appointment is and still no word on how very long the autism clinic's wait list is . I keep hearing how important early intervetion is but then why is all these wait lists and evaluations so booked out ?

Anyway back to therapy. We played and discussed what they thought were good things for us to try such as putting stop signs on things he cant do (ex. the office is off limits so we would put a stop sign on the door . ) They also recommended putting pictures on the fridge so if he needed something he could bring us the picture of the object.

I thought today went well and we are looking forward trying some more signs this week as he has been picking up on them so well .

P.S. Please keep my sweet friend "J" in your prays as she is getting an evaluation for her son "L" today. I hope she gets the answers she is looking for and I hope her son catches up very fast.

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