Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1 Gluten free

Riaan seems to be enjoying the GF foods but it acting absolutely horrible. I do strongly think he is withdrawing for the gluten .I wish so badly I could ask him how he is feeling and he could answer.He is acting out of control and is doing some very uncharacteristic behaviors.

We started the day off with GF waffles and some veggie booty . He enjoyed both and soon wanted a banana . I have read that once you start taking gluten out of your food some children start wanting to eat more .I am not sure if that is whats happening but it seems to be an interesting change of events.

In the early days there is often a "withdrawal" process, because opioid peptides can produce an addictive effect. This is hard to deal with, when your child seems in the early stages to get worse instead of better. Just remember, this is not an indication that the diet isn't working. It may just be withdrawal symptoms. Allow enough time for them to wear off before you give up. In many cases, perhaps most, after a little while, this stage passes and you will start to see positive results.

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