Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

A few of my friends and I wanted to try a new recipe because I seem to be offering Riaan the same foods over and over again . We changed some ingredients to add healthier options such as instead of butter we used cocanut oil and instead of egg we used mashed extra firm organic tofu. These turned out amazing .

Here is the original recipe.

Cream Cheese Topping
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
1 egg - substitute with flax or egg replacer
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 tablespoons brown sugar

Struesal Top

4 1/2 tablespoons all-purpose flour used Pamela's GF baking flour
5 tablespoons white sugar
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons chopped pecans

Muffin Mix

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour used Pamela's GF Baking flour
2 cups white sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs use flax or egg replacer mix
1 1/3 cups canned pumpkin
1/3 cup olive oil
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Grease and flour 18 muffin cups, or use paper liners. 2. To make the filling: In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until soft. Add egg, vanilla and brown sugar. Beat until smooth, then set aside. 3. For the streusel topping: In a medium bowl, mix flour, sugar, cinnamon and pecans. Add butter and cut it in with a fork until crumbly. Set aside. 4. For the muffin batter: In a large bowl, sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Make a well in the center of flour mixture and add eggs, pumpkin, olive oil and vanilla. Beat together until smooth. 5. Place pumpkin mixture in muffin cups about 1/2 full. Then add one tablespoon of the cream cheese mixture right in the middle of the batter. Try to keep cream cheese from touching the paper cup. Sprinkle on the streusel topping. 6. Bake at 375 degrees F (195 degrees C) for 20 to 25 minutes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Six Word Saturday

" If you Fall Pick yourself Up"

Thats what my goal is for tomorrow. I fell today, I layed around in my pj's feeling bad for myself and my child. Tomorrow I wont be doing that .

Frustration, Anxiety and A Good Cry

We first got the news that his ears are fine . Then we went to the pediatrician on Friday where she said we need to get in to see a genetic counselor. We need to get lots of blood taken from my 2.5 year old and see what his DNA looks like .

I am flat out nervous, scared and hopeful all at the same time . When he wasn't talking at 2 I never realized it would lead to specialist pediatrician, audiologist, neurologist and genetics testing .

I have seen it written and spoke with mothers about how they grief a lose when there children start this journey, when they know there child is different. That is scary to me . I had a friend share a story with me how in 1st grade she had a kid in her class that would hit his head on the desk. She said there is always one of those kids. I DON'T WANT THAT KID. Is that terrible ?

I was invited to go to * MOCHA* today.Which is a group that is for mothers of children with autism. I couldn't bring myself to go . I wanted to . My gut said go . But the anxiety of admitting that something is wrong with my son is scary.

Tell now I have been so level headed. I have tried to stay positive and remember all I wanted for him was to live a " Normal" life. Well now I am scared he wont get that . I am scared we will not be able to provide things he needs.

I read about these wonderful people with such hard journey's and this sense of peace because of god. Well truth be told I am not feeling that today.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Swine Flu

Many of you who know me personally know I dont choose to Vaccinate. I am pro-choice in this matter. If you choose to or not that is your personal business and as long as you are educated I support your decision . But to make sure we do know all the facts here is a dcotor on Fox discussing the dangers of this vaccination we know nothing about .

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So we finally had our audiologist appointment and even though I wish somewhere in my heart that something was wrong with his ears there isn't anything wrong . His ears tested in the normal range.

So what does that mean ? He sat great with a strange women in a strange room . I was so proud that the huge bag of things I brought him in case he " freaked out " wasn't needed. I am thankful that the child I once was so nervous to handle and take out is slowly disappearing.

So now what ? We see a neurologist, we see a genetic counselor and we hope and pray everything comes back OK . We pray that he is just a little " special" and that we can stop allowing our minds to wonder to the worst places.

For now we rest ! We play and we cuddle. Because today that is all that matters!Today we may stay in our PJ's all day.Today we will watch to many disney DVD's and today we will just enjoy our journey.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Confessions Of a Nursing Mom

So I stole this from She writes a blog about your journey of learning with her son Logan . If you want to link up please join along. I had a good laugh while reading it .

My confessions are

I drink a coke everyday.

I nurse whenever she wants.

She sleeps in bed with us so I just sleep topless and it makes it easier on both us .

I have actually hung over her infant car seat to allow her to nurse while we are driving.Can you just imagine what the car next to us thinks?

I once pumped and didn't want the milk to go bad so I gave it to my toddler.

I don't eat with a blanket over my head so neither does my baby.

Oh did I mention my husband gets very offended when people think nursing is " weird"! He is my advocate and I love him .

Did you know breastmilk can be used for lots of things ? Like ear infections !

What about you any crazy nursing stories you want to share ?

It Has Been...

A long day has been today but right now all I wanted to share is what my kids do best, they act like kids.

They watch too much tv, they chew on ducks, they play with toy story figurines, they have dirty faces, they arent always photogenic but most of all they are my kids and I love them .

I have two small children and I would rather sit and play with them then wright a long blog about what I think about politics, babywearing or the problems with Obama's Health care plan.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

This week I didn't put Riaan in the bath tub to eat an ice cream sandwich and almost cried once I realized he thought it was a great idea to rub chocolate all over the walls.

I also would never forget to bring an extra pair of pants to the mall with us and after Riaan pee'd on himself we didn't proceed to walk around the mall with him in a diaper, red rain boots and a shirt that said " Rock Star".Nope I have more class then that!

I also would never drink Coke while nursing because caffeine is a big no no...So I didn't have one with lunch then one while walking around Costco and a third large one while we decided to stop for dinner. Oh and we don't eat fast food so we definitely didn't eat Wendy's for dinner. We would never allow Riaan to eat chicken nuggets with wheat breading on them . We are very strict with his diet.

What didnt you do this week?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comment Issue

We were having some issues with comments , thanks to the nice women who emailed me about them , we should be up and running . If you have tried to leave a comment and werent able to , PLEASE go back and comment .I love to hear from you .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 Words

I found an interesting post when I stopped by Teresa's blog and she was doing a post based on five words she was given. She invited us to play along if we wanted and you know me, the avid gamer, I asked her to send me my 5 words. If you too are interested, leave me a comment and your email address and I too will send you 5 random words.


We love to play around here, we try to use our imagination as much as possible but lately we spend hours playing with Mr.Potato head . I wish more people realized the importance of sitting on the floor with your child and giving them the one on one attention they desire.


The truth isn't always nice ! When I was younger I was too honest, I spoke what I thought and it didn't matter what or who I crushed along the way . Well now I am happy to say I try to be as sensitive as possible because how you and others feel is so important. I also think that you get back what you put into the universe and for awhile I wasn't getting so much good back . Riaan is a very sensitive child and I am always concerned people wont " get " him because of that . My husband is sweet as could be, sometimes too sweet when he needs to speak up and sometimes he lacks sensitivity when I think he needs to show it .


It is such a learned skill.You have to learn to listen to yourself and too others. I struggle when people just wont listen or budge about an opinion. My husband on the other hand has very selective hearing :)We work on emotions in our home on a daily basis and the more you speak about emotions the easier it is to listen and accept a persons emotion. You learn you cant control emotions of others.



We live in Seattle and does it rain . Today is poured and we sat and listened to it at 6am. They didn't have much rain in Virgina and wow did I miss it .


I have always wanted to dance in the rain. I didn't do it tell I had kids . It is amazing once you become a mother you see love in so many different ways.


The show popped in my head right away even though I have never seen even a single episode. In the sadness and the darkness of this world I think we all survive to the best of our abilities. We all have times in our lives we don't want to survive but it is in those moments we show the most strength.

Six Word Saturday

Our Days are Filled with Laughter

Today we laughed when Riaan put stickers on Lyla's Bum.

Yesterday we laughed when I passed a car going TO fast and Riaan said " WOW" super loud.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Top Ten

What 10 places around where you live would YOU take a brand new visitor to your area?

1. There's a small burger stand in Fall City, you get 3 burgers for 6 dollars and they are as home made as your mother would make .

2. The river * if it is summer* some of the best memories growing up is hanging out down by the river. We now bring Riaan down there to play.

3.The space needle* I live in Seattle you cant miss that

4. Pike place market. If you have never seen someone through a fish it is a truly interesting place.

5. Leavenworth. The whole town is dutch themed. In December they light the whole town with the most amazing Christmas lights.

6.China Town. Most big cities have them but ours has to be the best. With the best flat fortune cookies :)

7.Third place books. It's a book store with both new and used books. It has the biggest selection of books, two floors and hours of looking .

8.Broadway/ university village.People who have never been to Seattle want to see the grunge culture , the music, the tattoo's and the Mohawks. These things can all be found in our house but is every where you look in Seattle.

9. Bastyr university.One of the world's leading academic centers for education, research and clinical service in the natural health arts and sciences, Bastyr continues to be in the forefront of developing the model for 21st century medicine.

10. My home. I love meeting new people and welcoming them into our home to learn about them . There journey.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

We adventured to the local fair here last week and Riaan rode his first ride! I think you can tell by the picture he isnt sure if he is enjoying it or not.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 8 Gluten free

We are still withdrawing I have no doubt but I think we are through the worst of it .

This is what we are seeing

* Better eye contact

* Regular hard stools

* Increase in vocab ( 2 new sounds "B" and "M". When you only have 5 sounds adding 2 is huge)

* Intense tantrums but less frequent

* More affection in appropriate times (ex. when someone leaves, comes home, asks for a hug)

* Intense grinding of his teeth more

* Shorter nap during the day

* Sleeping more at night and falling asleep easier

We are still having daily struggles with things but I find myself seeing hope. I see the changes happening and if nothing else but by chance I will take what I can get.

On a very good note we see the childrens audiologist next Wed. the 23rd for a hearing test and I cant wait . Once we know if he is hearing correctly that will give us so many answers. Friday the 25th we go in for a physical and hopefully discuss more about allergy tests, stool tests, and full blood work .

On the Lighter Side of Things

On to the lighter side of things....Which is normeally Lyla because Riaan is a whopping 58 pounds !

She has decided she likes to move it move it and is off and ready to crawl at 5 months old . Sometimes I watch her army crawling and moving around the floor and I ask her to stop because she is my baby and I cant allow her to grow up so fast.

I remeber with Riaan I anticipated the first's and when he didnt speak on time people kept reminding me that once he starts they never stop . Well let me tell you what after two years I want to hold a conversation with Riaan I want to hear his emotion, his voice, his excitment and his frustration . Now I hope this little girl doesnt talk tell she is 2 because that will be just another milestone to remind me she isnt a baby anymore .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 4

The Immune System and Autism

This was such a long chapter but I really liked how Jenny broke it down so normeal people could read it and understand it .

Here are some points I really think need to be looked at further

* we do not do any routine immune system evalutations on our children before vaccines so there is no proof a normal immune system existend. Why dont we ? If there is so many questions about vaccines why not prove to us mothers who dont want to vaccinate that vaccines dont induce immune dysfunction.

*Best way to improve an immune system is to decrease sugar from there diet

*Well not that I would be wanting to do this but an interesting idea they talk about is giving our children colostrum from an animal because it is rich in immunoglobulins

*Synthetic carpets give off gas toxins that are not tolerated well by children

*Pro-Biotics should be dairy free

Six Word Saturday....on Sunday

I know I am a day late, I know that it is breaking some rules but hey it is my blog and I make the rules .

"I love you more today Riaan"

As I see Riaan struggling without wheat and when I see him feeling so uncomfortable I realize how much I live this little man. How much I love him more each day because of the struggles we are facing in our journey that we call life.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 3


This really struck with me when they talk about children like mine have such limited diets. Riaan only eats a small handful of foods and the base of all the meals is pasta or bread.Some of the other reasons like history of antibiotics , constipation, failure to trive and low muscle tone dont apply to us . As most of you know I have a very solid 60 pound two year old !

"Vitamins are essential for growth and development. Minerals help them do their job."

Riaan has always been on pro-biotics but wow I had no idea of so many diffrent kids and the importance of them .

B 12

It is used to utilized almost every cell in the body and has a tremndous impact on the nervous system and .gastrointestinal system

They suggest using

Zinc and Selenium

Calcium and magnesium

Fatty acids

Digestive enzymes and protein


I dont know about you guys but reading that list was very overwhelming to me . Knowing that he could be lacking in so many areas was scary . I have added no new supplements to Riaan's diet at this time . I am 1) a strong believer in getting a doctor involved when you start giving our children multiple vitamins because blood should be taken 2) I dont know about you but tackling wheat and gluten right now is hard enough and remebering all of this other stuff might just push me over the edge !

If you do decide to add supplements into your childrens diets I think Healing and Preventing Autism has a great place to start on page 73-77.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 4 Gluten free

Today we see some light at the end of our tunnel . Today was easier, today there was still tantrums, there was soft poo, there was lack of interest in food but at the same time we enjoyed ourselves, we played nice, we had few tantrums and less extreme, we had less poo diapers, and he did eat every bite of his lunch today .

I hope tonight brings good sleep , less body pains and more comfort for my sweet sweet boy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Theta Mom

I will be the first to admit it , I don't do much for myself . Well between 2 babies, 2 in diapers and cloth at that , a whole new diet, breastfeeding and trying to rid the world of people who don't know anything about vaccinations .So anyway this week I spent 2 hours not just 1 but 2 hours by myself * Lyla was in the sling* in a book store! I bought 5 books all of which I am dying to read and am only on chapter 5 in the first book .

So what about you did you spend 1 hour this week to yourself ? Did you do something you just love? or was it just spending some time in a bookstore without a screaming toddler ?

Day 3 Gluten free

Day three has met us with lots of soft poo and tantrums. We have also noticed an increase in urine with an odor. Oh and lets not forget to mention the poor sleeping and getting up multiple times a night for no reason I can figure out except that we have a new diet and his body is feeling diffrent.

I havent lost faith yet but do hope that things start to mellow out.I can handle bad days but it is hard to have a bad week and have the patience you need.

Here we are at the park just trying to bring some normalcy to our week.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 2

Chapter 2 talks about diet and wow we are living this chapter right now . Jenny McCarthy talks about GFCF but that is just to hard for us . We are starting with GF and are hoping for amazing results from going gluten free but are more then aware that we may also have to cut out casein from Riaans diet which will be very hard as that is his main food group .

Gluten and Casein

The goal behind changing deits is to remove chemicals, toxins and potential neurotransmitters, which are liberated when foods are broken down . It has been recorded that 80 percent of the kids with autism seem to respond to elimiting things from there diet . It is possible that child's allergy tests does not come up as allergic to wheat or dairy but its essential to remove these things because things because there bodies are turning them into neurotransmitters that act like opiates in children's brains.

Withdrawal Symptoms

"Your taking a drug away from an addict.They can be irritable, cranky.Their noses can get red and run . They can be more stimmy and throw more tantrums ."

They recommend taking a child off dairy first and going slow so we arent following there guidelines real well . We are taking gluten and wheat away first and we are taking about a week to wean him off .

Our withdrawal symptoms seem to be intense tantrums and frustration as well as last night not sleeping through the night . We are allowing Riaan one item a day with wheat in it and sometimes he eats it and sometimes he doesnt . Riaan has been eating very little since we started this process and refusing even food that is normeal for him such as strawberrys.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet

The Specific carbohydrate diet is another limiting removal diet. This diet consists of meats, eggs, vegetables, nuts and low sugar fruits .

I wish I was this strong but wow this diet is very restricting. I guess if this fails for us this will be our next option to explore.

Going Organic

This was an easy path for us as we ate organic already but we finally did the last push to go compeltely . The pesticides and animal they inject into our foods is just plain scary.

Some great web sites are-

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1 Gluten free

Riaan seems to be enjoying the GF foods but it acting absolutely horrible. I do strongly think he is withdrawing for the gluten .I wish so badly I could ask him how he is feeling and he could answer.He is acting out of control and is doing some very uncharacteristic behaviors.

We started the day off with GF waffles and some veggie booty . He enjoyed both and soon wanted a banana . I have read that once you start taking gluten out of your food some children start wanting to eat more .I am not sure if that is whats happening but it seems to be an interesting change of events.

In the early days there is often a "withdrawal" process, because opioid peptides can produce an addictive effect. This is hard to deal with, when your child seems in the early stages to get worse instead of better. Just remember, this is not an indication that the diet isn't working. It may just be withdrawal symptoms. Allow enough time for them to wear off before you give up. In many cases, perhaps most, after a little while, this stage passes and you will start to see positive results.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 1

I wanted to blog about this while it is fresh in my mind, while I have no distractions and while to be honest I can sit in our office and avoid the house that should be cleaned :)

Chapter 1- What is Autism?

I didn't know to be honest what autism was, I knew about it but I never knew it was that a persons body wasn't processing stimuli correctly .Did you ? For example Riaans pain tolerance is so high and not acknowledging when we are speaking to him .


For us stimming isn't an issue but I do wonder where the line is drawn between normal and autistic behavior ? Riaan for instance will play with water or the light switch but when is it to much ? When does switching the light switch up and down become an issue ? 5 times ? 23 times ?


As I was reading this I was wondering so many people want healing and miracles to happen and I wonder whats wrong with just good improvement? Isn't that good enough ? Even if I knew where god and I stood a little better these days I will be more then happy and praise his name if he walks us down this road and he chooses just to help us even if he chooses not to preform a miracle.

Physical Pain

This got to me . This brought tears to my eyes . The idea that Riaan was in pain both physically and emotionally and he couldn't tell us . He couldn't communicate with us that something was wrong.


Riaan wasn't vaccinated for anything except right after birth he got his first vaccinations . I regret this not because we are now walking down this journey but because that day while having an emergency c-section I was unable to speak my true feelings and protest the shots. For those of you who don't know mercury is a cheap preservative that they allow in vaccinations . Even though most people believe there is none in vaccinations anymore that is incorrect there is just a smaller dose with a different name.Pretty tricky of those pharmaceutical companies huh .

What are your thoughts on vaccinations ? If you chose to vaccinate do you feel like you made the right decision ? Did you have all of the information you needed to make the right decision?

Daily Diary

It will look something like this . I will be starting this on monday .

(scale 1-4, where 4 is the most intense or highest)

Bowel movement (frequency and size)

Supplements (dose and frequency)

Food Diary

Sleep (hours, naps and nighttime)


Self-Injurious behavior (frequency and scale)

Evenness of temperament (scale)

Irritability (scale)

Staring into space (scale)

Flexibility (scale)

Without this daily journal you wont know whats working and what isn't, and without this your doctor will have a hard time collaborating with you in this process.

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism

Bring It On Book Club

We are reading Healing and Preventing Autism by Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel.Please feel free to get this book and read along with us . I have enjoyed this book so much and have so much to blog about I am sure we will be reading this fairly fast with hopes to get to more books full of knowledge.


Jenny talks about mom radar and wow wow wow it is so true . I have found this our journey I need to convince people he isn't just a slower talker , that these behaviors aren't cute or special. I just want to keep looking I know there is more to Riaan . I can relate so much to what Jenny talks about with her son Evan who has autism.


It was interesting reading this for us because we never did vaccinate for the MMR shot nor did Riaan ever have a regression with words. For us it seems like Riaan always has done things slower then the normal , it seems like with his vocabulary he continues to add new words but just at a slow rate . I look back and wonder if I could have picked up on the signs earlier because now with Lyla there are amazing differences at just 5 months old.

One thing that really stood out for me in this was how they talk about how pediatricians aren't trained to point out the red flags, how for many years pediatricians would say " oh don't worry they will catch up."It brings me back to wanting to fight for a VBAC . This is another category where the " professionals" are so out of date with the best and newest information they are over looking what they need to be seeing .

We hear about epidemics all the time why aren't we hearing more about the pandemic we are living in right now involving autism ?

Six Word Saturday

"Please let today get better god"

My day isnt off to a great start, tantrums and yelling have made it for a rough morning around here .

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gluten Free Diet

We are joining the thousands that are now going Gluten Free. We are hoping it will A) help Riaans behavior, attitude and overall dispostion B) it will allow us to eat healthier as a family C) we are willing to try everything possible to achieve the best situation.

Tomorrow we tackle more grocery shopping and finding a recipe book for this new chapter in our journey . We have chosen to allow casein in our diet still becuase it is a major part of what Riaan eats on a daily basis . I hope after a 3 month trial of this gluten free diet and blogging about changes I notice everyday we will be able to make the best decision then . Either allowing casein in our diets because the improvements have been so great or we willl take it out of our diets with hopes the improvements get more noticable .

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Therapy Session # 5

We had therapy today with Miss "R" and it was so nice when she walked in Riaan gave her a hug and showed her some affection . She brought with her "J" and "L" to discuss autism and behaviours that Riaan does that may be concerning .

I was please to hear him say " WOW" "Woof" and " All Done". That was great for them to see . They also mentioned that they DONT think he is autistic but there is an underlying nuerlogical issue . Is that better ? I am not sure anymore. It does mean I need to get back to that specialist to get another referal this time for a nuerologist at childrens hospital .

I am still waiting to hear when our audiologist appointment is and still no word on how very long the autism clinic's wait list is . I keep hearing how important early intervetion is but then why is all these wait lists and evaluations so booked out ?

Anyway back to therapy. We played and discussed what they thought were good things for us to try such as putting stop signs on things he cant do (ex. the office is off limits so we would put a stop sign on the door . ) They also recommended putting pictures on the fridge so if he needed something he could bring us the picture of the object.

I thought today went well and we are looking forward trying some more signs this week as he has been picking up on them so well .

P.S. Please keep my sweet friend "J" in your prays as she is getting an evaluation for her son "L" today. I hope she gets the answers she is looking for and I hope her son catches up very fast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So We Dont Forget

Since Lynnette's family is on vacation, she thought it'd be fun to write a memory from vacation. It can be about a particular vacation or even just an event from a vacation. If you haven't been on family vacation (and she know it's not that unusual), just write about something from a little getaway - even if it was only a few hours! :)

I think the best vacation I can remember is from 4 years ago. On February 13, 2007 we were excited to be expecting a little bundle of joy and were planning a weekend getaway to Port Angeles to see my family . I was almost 19 weeks pregnant and we recently had found out it was a boy. Back then I didn't realized babies died, who knew you could have late miscarriages? Not me .

I started bleeding while visiting my mom before our little trip . She suggested we go to the doctor and I remember while they were doing the ultrasound the way this women looked at me . The sympathy in her eyes and I knew something was wrong . That day We lost our baby due to placenta abruption . I know I know how does this have anything to do with vacation but it does so keep reading :)

We had decided to still proceed with our plans for our trip just go a few days later. That trip was the beginning of my healing. The healing my body needed, the healing of knowing real life and things don't always happen the way you think they should .

I look back and remember nothing negative about our loss, I am thankful for the support I had, the love I felt and because of that loss it has shaped so many things . On that trip we met a women who had lost a baby at birth, we met a family who practices Attachment Parenting, we bought a baby carrier I still use , my husband knew my emotions and my soul and he never once judged me for the things I said I needed.

We still every year go to this sweet little bed and breakfast in Port Angeles. Every year we speak to the owner and his sweet little old wife. Every year they hold our children and speak nothing but great things. They make us breakfast and put it by our door and every year we go back and remember what we lost and what we have gained .

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today I am thankful....

I am thankful for my brother being ok

I am thankful for a very happy baby

I am thankful for having a husband who loves me

But most of all I am thankful for....


My baby Riaan who was only 5 pounds at birth and grew like a weed

No matter what a doctor says it doesnt change the fact we are