Friday, September 4, 2009

Gluten Free Diet

We are joining the thousands that are now going Gluten Free. We are hoping it will A) help Riaans behavior, attitude and overall dispostion B) it will allow us to eat healthier as a family C) we are willing to try everything possible to achieve the best situation.

Tomorrow we tackle more grocery shopping and finding a recipe book for this new chapter in our journey . We have chosen to allow casein in our diet still becuase it is a major part of what Riaan eats on a daily basis . I hope after a 3 month trial of this gluten free diet and blogging about changes I notice everyday we will be able to make the best decision then . Either allowing casein in our diets because the improvements have been so great or we willl take it out of our diets with hopes the improvements get more noticable .

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  1. You rock Roxy! You're an awesome mom, and I admire your strength. We're going to heal our boys!