Sunday, September 13, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 4

The Immune System and Autism

This was such a long chapter but I really liked how Jenny broke it down so normeal people could read it and understand it .

Here are some points I really think need to be looked at further

* we do not do any routine immune system evalutations on our children before vaccines so there is no proof a normal immune system existend. Why dont we ? If there is so many questions about vaccines why not prove to us mothers who dont want to vaccinate that vaccines dont induce immune dysfunction.

*Best way to improve an immune system is to decrease sugar from there diet

*Well not that I would be wanting to do this but an interesting idea they talk about is giving our children colostrum from an animal because it is rich in immunoglobulins

*Synthetic carpets give off gas toxins that are not tolerated well by children

*Pro-Biotics should be dairy free

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