Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BIO-Healing and Preventing Autism Chapter 2

Chapter 2 talks about diet and wow we are living this chapter right now . Jenny McCarthy talks about GFCF but that is just to hard for us . We are starting with GF and are hoping for amazing results from going gluten free but are more then aware that we may also have to cut out casein from Riaans diet which will be very hard as that is his main food group .

Gluten and Casein

The goal behind changing deits is to remove chemicals, toxins and potential neurotransmitters, which are liberated when foods are broken down . It has been recorded that 80 percent of the kids with autism seem to respond to elimiting things from there diet . It is possible that child's allergy tests does not come up as allergic to wheat or dairy but its essential to remove these things because things because there bodies are turning them into neurotransmitters that act like opiates in children's brains.

Withdrawal Symptoms

"Your taking a drug away from an addict.They can be irritable, cranky.Their noses can get red and run . They can be more stimmy and throw more tantrums ."

They recommend taking a child off dairy first and going slow so we arent following there guidelines real well . We are taking gluten and wheat away first and we are taking about a week to wean him off .

Our withdrawal symptoms seem to be intense tantrums and frustration as well as last night not sleeping through the night . We are allowing Riaan one item a day with wheat in it and sometimes he eats it and sometimes he doesnt . Riaan has been eating very little since we started this process and refusing even food that is normeal for him such as strawberrys.

Specific Carbohydrate Diet

The Specific carbohydrate diet is another limiting removal diet. This diet consists of meats, eggs, vegetables, nuts and low sugar fruits .

I wish I was this strong but wow this diet is very restricting. I guess if this fails for us this will be our next option to explore.

Going Organic

This was an easy path for us as we ate organic already but we finally did the last push to go compeltely . The pesticides and animal they inject into our foods is just plain scary.

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