Monday, October 26, 2009

You Think What?

Yep thats what I was thinking when I read this.

" extremely obese, developmentally delayed 2 year old male"

What the Fuck? Really?

Yep thats what the genetics testing paperwork work said.

I couldnt help myself. I looked at my husband and said..

"Great they think we have a fat retarded kid ?"

I know I know that is mean and terrible for me to say but wow lets kick a mom when she down. I did not need to read that .

1 comment:

  1. Extremely obese? WTF? I know I haven't seen Riaan in person for a long time but from the pics - he is just a big boy. A very big boy, but not obese - he is proportional from what I can tell. Has he had endocrine testing to see if there is a metabolic reason for his size? Some kids are big and it may have nothing to do with his developmental delay. It could be a totally seperate issue. I just visited a friend with a 14 month old boy who is an inch shorter and 10 lbs heavier than my petite 39 month old Katie. I hope you get it figured out soon so you can at least know that you are doing what you can for him. As far as the seperation for preschool, 2 years old is hard. I tried preschool with Katie at age 2 a co-op where I would work one day and the other day she would supposedly be without me for 2 hours, but she wasn'tready to seperate and I ended up either being there or having my mom be there. Now that she's 3 she is doing great in a home-based daycare run by an AP mom with 3 of her own kids that are a bit older - 20 hrs a week, it is a lot to be away from her, but it is working for our family right now and she is thriving. Not sure how this applies to your situation. Maybe early intervention is essential for Riaan. Maybe it's not. Listen to him and he will let you know if he needs you.