Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scary Story

So the other day started like no other day Riaan gets up and turns the tv on as I get myself and Lyla up. Meaning I pee, I brush my teeth and brush my hair. Well the other morning was different . Riaan unlocked the door and walked down our stairs, through the parking lot and heads toward the road. By the time I go out to the living room I see the door wide open, I practically throw Lyla on the floor running in my pj's down the stairs to find Riaan with a man by the road. The man proceeds to tell me to calm down and that he stopped him from going by the road.

On a side note, we live on a very busy road. A road that he could have died on .

After bringing him upstairs I was so scared and shaken I had to call my husband to come home and help with the kids because I couldn't stop crying . I couldn't stop thinking what could have happened. People keep telling me these stories of there kids getting out but it doesn't help to be honest.

The scariest thing of it all, he had no idea!

I tried explaining it and have bought baby proof locks for the door and a chain but nothing can explain how I felt in that moment.


  1. How absolutely horrifying! I'm glad everything turned out okay!

  2. Roxanne,

    I am thankful that it all turned out well. It seems like as parents we can never truly prepare for all our children will do.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. So glad things are OK
    Loved reading your blog hop answers.

    ...I love the blog hops....
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  4. Wow Rox, that is so scary! I'm so thankful that Riaan was okay.