Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FaceBook 101

So I am sure everyone has heard of facebook right ? Well I had an interesting debate on my facebook the last few weeks and I felt the need to share .


I posted this link talking about how mild fevers are good for the body, I was not implying if your child is having a seizure or anything else you should just allow it. These are what some people commented.

Jennifer I am constantly trying to explain this!

Judy Yeah!!

Josie yeah...except have you even held your baby while they have a febrile seizure ?? NOT FUN>

Summer Or when your son is approaching brain-frying temperatures.

Roxanne I think that there is resonable temperatures versus not odviously like all other things when it comes to our children it is important to trust our instinct. A small fever at 101 or 102 is diffrent then those mentioned above.

Josie temps spike in a matter of minutes. After having my baby sieze turn blue and stop breathing in my arms i now am VERY careful with temps. Lucky for me all my babies are past the age of three. There is a fine line here though...I would never just let my kids have a fever without VERY closly monitering it...and yes I have all those homopathics in my medicine cabinant but sometimes they just plain don't work. Dye free motrin has it's place.

Kelley Though I doubt you'll be at all interested in what I have to say given our completely different views regarding medicine, here is my 2 cents:

"Fever is not some magical defense against infection. Fever is (usually) caused by the release of certain cytokines as a reaction to many different stimuli, especially infection. There is no evidence that suppression of fever prevents healing."

From Dr. Lipson on Science Based Medicine - here's a link to the whole article if you're interested. It supports everything I have learned in the last year regarding human physiology. http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?author=40 ... Read More

Personally, I have tried homeopathic medicine in the past before I had done my research, it was completely useless, and now I know better. I would never recommend the use homeopathic remedies to anyone.

Roxanne There is always a place and time for medicine dont get me wrong but also to many people are to quick to use it when we dont know enough about it.

Josie-How scary for you that happened and I totally agree with you .

Kelley- just because homeopathy didnt work for u doesnt mean it doesnt work for others.If it never worked people wouldnt keep using it . Or is this like vaccine thing as well? everyone just jumped on the wagon ?I also strongly disagree that our instincts betray us like this article u mention says.I also think that it is a shame the author that you posted bashes the other one in such an immature way. On every topic of science there is doctors on both sides . ...

By the way I would really like you to start keeping your 2 cents to yourself on my facebook because it is getting neither of us anywhere .

Kelley consider yourself deleted. you will never have to see a post from me again.

Kelley which is a shame, because I do enjoy many of the links you share, but apparently these issues are too volatile.

Roxanne I am sorry that u feel like that's the answer kelley but it seems u only post on links when u want to disagree with them.

Tessa I second that

Now a little background the women who was argueing her point here has been on my facebook many times letting me know it is wrong we dont vaccinate. She has also posted posts about me being uneducated because we believe diffrently.

Your probley wondering like whats your point ? Well I wanted to point out that we each are entitled to our own opinons, we are all entitled to do with our family as we please and there isnt always a need to point out that you do things diffrently, there is always going to be diffrences between you and others and the best thing to do it to learn from each other so you are educated on both sides.


  1. Roxanne,

    This is one of the very reasons I gave up my MySpace account and the reason why I won't get a Facebook or Twitter account either.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I know we've already addressed this - and I should have said, if I didn't already in my private apology to you, that I see the value of differing viewpoints, the bigger the issue, the more important it is to have people on all sides to make sure it is explored thoroughly. I still stand by my original positions regarding science and evidence based medicine as defined by many of the articles I have posted - but if people like you weren't around to question it may cause complacency and the integrity of the science could suffer. I'm glad we were able to get through this as friends even though we don't see eye to eye. Despite our differences I can relate to you a lot more than I can some other people who let their babies CIO, don't even try to breastfeed and use negative disciple techniques. These things are of much more importance to me than whether or not we can see eye to eye on science, healthcare, or religion, even though the first 2 are very big interests for me at this time.