Monday, October 19, 2009

Riaan Update

I have been struggling finding the time to blog, I am not sure if it because I don't have the time or if it is because there is nothing to share. Sadly we aren't having progress.

At 2.5 Years old Riaan doesn't say anything but basic sounds " dada","Ssss","Boi","dis"," all done" ( not very clear)," that" . I am getting more worried. Today at dinner I almost broke down to Stephan and said what if he cant live a normal life ? What if something is really wrong?

I have an appointment for the genetics testing so I guess we now just have to wait. I keep reminding myself he is still little, he still is a baby but it is so hard to remember that when all the children around are speaking .

Today we had a good day, we had no tantrums, we played with play-doh, we watched a movie and ate an otter pop, we had a good pleasant meal out. Then he cried when we got out of the car, he was uncontrollable getting into the house and up the stairs and into the bath. After some yelling, crying he was fine . Before I would have said he was overly tired and we didn't get home tell after 8:00pm but now I think oh that was an autistic behavior or whats wrong with him that he is acting this way ?

I had a women say to me that oh my toddler didn't talk tell 3 and he is fine. Don't worry. But my gut says worry . So tonight that's what I do I worry .

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