Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well I must say I have been busy doing nothing! This week I didn't...

* take Lyla's diaper off and she didn't poo on the floor and even after scrubbing the carpet her Breast milk poo didn't stain the floor

* Riaan didn't soak through his diaper and we all woke up covered in pee

* I didn't lean over Lyla's britax carseat and my sister didn't say " you know your just stretching your boobs out more !"

* I would never leave the house in the rain in flip flops, not wearing a bra and forgetting to brush my hair

Oh and I cant forget to share this story that is just shameful and I would conduct myself in better manner then this.

We weren't playing at the mall when a little boy lets say 5 comes up shoves Riaan from behind and Riaan falls slams his face on the toy structure and gets a bloody nose. I would never proceed to scream at the mother of this above mentioned child and tell her she needs to watch her kid . She didn't then proceed to sip her Starbucks coffee and tell me kids " do things like this ". I wouldn't then call her a bad name that starts with a "B" threaten to shove that coffee down her throat and then have security tell me calm down before they have to remove me from the mall .

Nope I would behave much better then that .

The mother then wouldn't say her kid didn't mean to and that I was over reacting. While all along Riaan was sitting in the stroller with a bloody nose and Lyla was nursing in my baby carrier.

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  1. holy moly you are a multitasker! :)~
    I woulda lost it too...!