Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Therapy, Evalutation Revisted

Today we had speech therapy as well as we re-evaluated our goals . Thankfully in the 3 months Riaan has started speech his speech has gone from 11 months to 19 months. He is 30 months old.

We discussed we should start working towards preparing him and I for preschool. Work on sharing items. Sitting to read a book at circle time . Practicing standing and waiting . As you remember this is so scary for me . Riaan will be leaving me for 4 days a week for 2.5 hours. For some that may not seem like a lot but he is never away from me . I am scared how he will react. I am scared that they wont be able to nurture his emotions the way I feel like he needs.

Is it possible that I am more scared then he will be ? Probley.

We also discussed SSI! So unknown to me because my child is considered developmentally delayed he can receive SSI every month to help us provide for him . At first the idea of extra money to pay for things seemed so great. It seemed like a great way to provide GF foods, clothing and activities for him. But then it suck in .

What does it really mean ? It is scary to admit something is wrong, if he was just delayed would we qualify ? If he was just delayed he would catch up...What if he isn't just delayed?

Again I am put in the mind set that I am concerned he wont be able to live a normal life..What if he has to be on SSI the rest of his life because he isn't able to live a productive life and hold a job ?

To me accepting this money is like accepting that something is wrong with him .

Then we sit and we play with play-doh, we read stories and we watch tv. He seems like just a normal kid .

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