Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Therapy Session # 4

After some changes in the seasons of our lives I am back updating my blog . I am happy to let you all know that Riaan has been making some leaps and bounds towards our goals.

He has taken to us using signs so well . He will know sign "more","all done", and "eat".I hope this week he will pick up on bath, cup and stop.

Besides just signs Riaan has added some words to his vocab and has been trying to communicate to the best of his ability. For many two year old's saying "Yum Yum" or " Wow Wow" wouldnt be a moment to rejoice but around here that is what we did ! WE REJOICED. We rejoiced in the fact he is adding to his vocab, we rejoiced for the fact that therapy has been seeming to help and we rejoiced to see the happiness on Riaans face when he saw how happy we were when we heard his voice .

Our goals are to continue to sign with him and get him into an audiologist this month. Monday we will go to a pediatrician with hopes to get some things cut off of the list of possibilities.

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