Saturday, August 29, 2009

Please Pray

Well I will just through it out there the way it is .

I believe in god yes but do I know more then that? Most days no.

I would like to find him in all of his goodness and I would love him to show me the way on my darkest days .

Well today is a very dark day for me .

My sweet brother's birthday, it should be glorious with a bbq and carrot cake but not this year.

He was in a serious car accident and now we are concern something is wrong with his brain . Between the loss of his short term memory and odd behaviors to him calling out of the blue to say he wants to see no one and cancelled an upcoming vacation for labor day .

We are scared for him and hope that he will see what we see .

Please pray he will decide to take us up on our offer of support and that he will go to the doctor like we believe he needs to but is scared due to his financial situation .

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