Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So We Dont Forget

This Week's Topic: What is a favorite "alone time" activity?

As a mom of 2 kids 2 and under the "alone time" is few and far between .As I am exclusivley nursing Lyla there's no " alone time " from her but once a week I do take "Me Time" as we call it around our house . I adventure out with Lyla in a baby carrier and we go get coffee, sometimes do a little shoppping but mostly

I think.

I think alot .

Getting coffee and enjoy talking to strangers who know nothing about me is just a pleasure .

There is no expectations, no heavy duty talks, no concerns expressed and more then anything there is adults to talk to !

I dont know about you other stay at home moms but sometimes I so badly want to have a " grown up " conversation that doesnt evolve my children interupting .

So there you have it in my alone time I want a venti vanilla latte made with organic milk, a nice stranger to talk to and maybe something to shop for . I find I appreciate life so much more when I get away . I find I am so much more patient with my kids and my husband .


  1. Oh, venti vanilla latte sounds yummy! I'm a cinnamon dolce' girl myself. :)

    You're right - when our heart is right and we leave for refreshment instead of escape, we come back renewed and ready to be momma and wifey again don't we? That's how it works for me.

    It was fun visiting.
    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

  2. You are right, sometimes you just need to talk to someone who can string a sentence together! Mind you, if you are like me, you spend almost the whole time talking about your children instead! Great post - I'm visiting from Lynette's blog.