Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I thought you knew better

As many of you know I am very against any form of physical punishment to our children . Even time out is rare in our home. Yesterday at the park a women I have only met one other time proceeded to hit her 10 year old daughter! "T" as we will call her made her poor daughters lip bleed and in the moment all I could say was her name.I was disgusted appalled horrified but in the moment I couldn't think of what to say, if it was appropriate to say anything . I was just plain old shocked and without words . After getting home and processing the situation , realizing her lack of empathy, compassion and regret towards her own daughter I made the decision to call CPS.

I know some of you are thinking wow that was harsh but if you could have only been there to see this poor little girl . The tears rolling down her face and the terror she showed.After calling I turned on the radio and it was a song called " concrete angel" it is by a contry singer by the name of Martina McBride .If you have never heard it, it is about a little girl who dies at the hand of a parent. It was god telling me I did the right thing . I did what I knew in my heart somebody needed to .

I thought she would know better not to inflict pain on her own child . I thought I did the best thing I could .

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