Sunday, August 9, 2009

Over the Years

Wow what a week and weekend ! Life has became diffrent, surprising, and beyond all we are starting a new journey . A journey of being sober. Not me, I am already ! But sweet Miss "A".

Background :

Miss "A" and me have been friends since we were 14.

My brother was her brothers best friend.

My mom was her moms best friend.

Fast Forward 8 years

Sweet "A" is in a bad relationship.

She is doing heroin .

She is calling crying .

My brother rescues her from herself and gets her clean.


She is sleeping on my couch.

She is eating my food .

She is playing with my kids .

She is needing help.

So there it is.I am without many words.I took in an old friend who had no where else to go . I would hope someone would do the same for me .

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