Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lyla Mae

Is it possible Lyla turned 1 on April 10th and I am just now writing this . Is it possible my days of taking kiddos to school , picking them up and going to PTA meetings have began so I haven't had the time, the energy or the chance to take to write about her and her birthday ?


The answers the those questions are YES.

I can still remember clear as day when my water broke. The dreams and hopes I had been building for the last 9 months were coming true. I was going to have a vbac in our home. In our bath tub . Fat forward multiple days and hours we are walking into the hospital, the one place I was so determined not to face again .

Fast forward 14 hours of pitocin and pain. My sweet but screaming ( she's still screaming today) Lyla Mae was born . Her VBAC brought healing for me , a sister for her brother, a daughter for her father and a granddaughter for her grandparents. We loved her and she nursed and she was perfect.

Our family was complete . It was a perfect blend of girly and boyish . Today we look back and realize we missed so many clues with Riaan that is so bitter sweet. At 12 months lyla will try to imitate what you are saying . She has 10 words she uses regularly .She walks and is very opinionated.

She is all girl. She loves her dollies, everything pink and loves reading princess books . As for her brother, he couldn't love her more . He loves to carry her and we are working on him NOT picking her up around her neck . He loves to sit by her and we are working on him NOT sitting on her. He likes to share his food with her and we are working on him NOT shoving it in her mouth.As you can see they have a special relationship and at the end of the day when we climb into our family bed he hugs her and kisses her and it melts it all away .

We had a great birthday party for her with some of our closest family and friends that I would love to share but right now I need to go make dinner.

We have so many hopes in dream for you little girl . We hope you can learn to be a good daughter, wife and mother some day . We hope that you can see the world for the good and not just for the bad . We hope you can experience being loved unconditionally and hope you know you can always come home .

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