Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What is too much ?

I am having some personal real life issues . I am wanting to use my blog to vent about the struggles of being a mom, wife and real women . But where should the line be drawn ?

Is telling you my marriage is struggling, too much ? That we are fighting and what about too much ?

Is allowing the public read my personal struggles as finding the balance between two kids and how sometimes I fail so terribly bad fail too much ? We have started to use time out and it hurts. I feel like a failure but when my son inflicts pain on my daughter I dont know what else to do . Is allowing you to read that too much .

My mother always said you should never write down anything too personal . My mother in law seems to think personal should remain personal and that many of our secrets should be that and kept within families . For me I want to vent . I want to write to you all about my life, the good, the bad and the very true reality of the ugly .

But then if I allow myself to be so out there I allow you to judge me . To judge me for allowing my 3 year old to have a bottle because well I dont want to fight him about it . To judge me for eating McDonalds two days in a row because I was to lazy to cook. To judge me for yelling at my husband when he didnt deserve it and for the time he did .

Where do you find that balance ?


  1. I guess there is no balance. I try not to malign my DH too often, the one time I mentioned the "D" word, it got back to him pretty quickly. But I like to live the words of Stephen Curtis Chapman and "la-la-la-la-live out loud!". No one's going to be helped but a bunch of sunshine and rainbows - if you're gonna write, be REAL.

  2. Roxanne,

    I don't think anything is too much and one way I find to avoid criticism is to post your blog posts in such a way as to either solicit comments asking for suggestions or telling your readers you're strictly venting. Otherwise I think you will get comments on people that will just out and out tell you their two cents worth and think nothing of it.

    It's how I've been able to not receive too many harsh comments. What is it that you are hoping to accomplish by venting? Advice? Just venting into the great beyond? Debates?

    Once you realize that it makes it easier to write your blog posts based on the feedback you want.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. (((Roxanne))) I find the ages/ stage that you (and I) are at to be very hard. I just about had a breakdown when E was 18 months, and it got marginally better when Nick stepped up and recognized just how tough things were for me. It took a lot to make things better, from both of us.

    As for where the line is drawn... I am generally an open, emotional basketcase online, and I know that I invite criticism sometimes by posting the way I do. It isn't intentional. I think though, that sharing my struggles with other might help others to know they aren't alone. I try to remember that ANYONE can read anything that I post online. So if I don't want to discuss something with someone IRL who might ask me about it, or I think I might regret it later, I don't post.