Monday, February 22, 2010

Mean and Harsh

I know that some people dont believe there is any link to autism and vaccines. I know this is a highly sensative topic for people . But where should the line be drawn ? I am sad tonight to read a thread that was posted on facebook . People were bashed, names were called and I am sure tears were shed .

I do believe there is a link, you take children with lower immune systems and pump them full of chemicals and I do believe there bodies re-act to it . I am intitled to this belief. I choose not to vaccinate my children and I also choose to not judge you if you do . Why do people who choose to vaccinate there children believe they have the right to judge me for not vaccinating ?

I dont care what Jenny McCarthy says or some random scientist says. I believe what I see, I believe what mother's of struggling children say . Why is it so hard for the medical field to listen to mothers? To people who are living with autism everyday ?

Shouldnt they be the ones we hear and listen to ? Why do scientists believe that one study tells them everything ?

I am so sad for all the families that struggle daily like we do . I know many more struggle more then us and less then us . But I think every family with children who have autism can agree on one thing . Our children are amazing and no label will change that .


  1. I'm with you Rox! No matter how passionate we are on a subject we should never judge. It's a mothers prerogative to do the research and make a decision that's right for their family. I believe it's the ones who are NOT comfortable with their decision that do that "bashing".

    That's why you (anti-vacs) and me (pro-vacs) get along so well :)

  2. Just wanted to point out that I am the one that was judged this time - and the names that were called were directed at me and no one else. I didn't call any names. Yet I was publicly slandered for stating my beliefs - Rox, you and I can agree to disagree on this. We know how to respect each other's views. Some other people felt the need to post vicious lies about me and state that they wish harm on my future children.

  3. K- I want to stand my ground here and say I dont believe names should have been called. I AGREE with you there . My stance is the way you decide to state your beliefs just seemed mean and wrong and hurtful .

    I think you can be a great person but I dont understand why you have to chose to start something like this when you KNOW things like this could happen .