Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is a post I have been wanting to do for so long now .

A post of thoughts, beliefs and ideas.

For those of you that dont know unschooling means so much but to me it means The process of learning, the process of knowing yourself, openness, confidence, self-determination, independent thinking, critical thinking....none of which one gets when following other people's agenda. Making one's own agenda is what it is all about.

Specially with Riaan being my special child I want him to see the world his own way .I want him to show me the world in his special way.

I believe that unschooling allows our children to explore what they want while us as parents, teachers and friends show them everything is a learning experience . We are trying to teach Riaan color's .

Today's unschooling lesson :

Riaan " dog "

me " black dog "

Riaan " dog "

me " black dog "

Lesson learned not just a dog but a black dog.We took an everyday situation and turned it into a learning experience . I hope my special boy gets to learn everyday in his own way at home with me after his speech catch's up .

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