Monday, December 28, 2009

Each is there own person

I struggle daily comparing my two children.The good , the bad , the way they do things, and what stages Riaan has passed and Lyla is approaching . Today with everyone sick we are reminded how diffrent my children really are . Riaan has always been a good sleeper, not great but not bad like his little sister. Take this picture for example.

Riaan and daddy are fast a sleep and Lyla is tossing and turning in the back just to decide she wont sleep.

Here is daddy and Riaan just moments ago sleeping there sickness away.

I am sure after Lyla cried for 45 minutes today and slept 3 hours and woke to cry for many more hours she would be snuggled in bed too. But I beg a differ. My cranky baby who wont eat, wont nurse and wants nothing but to cry seems very content tonight on the floor of the kitchen.Dont you agree?


  1. So sweet! I know each of my kidlets are very different from one another. It can challenging.

  2. How adorable! Sometimes a cold kitchen floor just makes your day so much better. She looks completely content.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat