Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean clean clean

If you know me this wont surprise you but I am not so clean. I prefer daily to play with my kids, drink my coffee or coke and just hang out . Enjoying the moments each day before they are to big to want to enjoy them with me is a daily goal . Well because I am so concerned about missing them I forget about my house. Dishes go uncleaned, my laundry is always in piles around the house and besides getting vaccumed everyday that is all I am good for .

Do you clean everyday ? How do you find the time ?

But my IN-LAWS are coming and am I scared for them to see my mess! So what do you ask I do ? Do I clean myself ? no I cant there is way to much to do and I am just not that good in the first place. So what then ? I hire help . This sweet girl comes and loves my kids and cleans my house ! She can do both! I wish I could.

I know that when my in-laws come my house will be clean and my kids will be happy.Beat that !


  1. I still find it hard to find the balance! Hopefully we'll get there one day ;) Maybe when the kids go to college my house will be clean. Until then, I'm leaving no cheek unkissed.

  2. I don't clean daily, exactly. I cook daily, of course. And nag my girls about doing the dishes and table. Beyond that I try to stay on top of the laundry and sweep and tidy on a semi-regular basis. Vacuuming and mopping happen inconsistently. Usually when I am expecting guests...