Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Year without Christmas

The year without christmas was going to be this year! I thought in the middle of night while my daughter had woke for the 8th time maybe this year we wont do christmas. Why bother ? I felt no need for the hussle and bussle of it all. I felt no need of it all. I had no energy or desire so I thought lets boycott christmas.

I want to add my last years of christmas havent been great. Last year we were snowed in my uncles house which wasnt fun. The year before that we spent with my family nothing special nothing to remeber. The year before that we spent all day traveling to Virgina. So you see nothing special. Maybe thats what has me boycotting Christmas the fear my children wont experience something Special on Christmas.

I woke the next day releaved almost to not have to worry about tree's, cookies, decorations and lights. I was almost looking forward to staying at home enjoying a good movie and a can of coke with my family .

That same morning I started to tell people I decided we arent doing Christmas and it doesnt really matter and my kids wont know the diffrence and bla bla bla. Well the reviews were mixed...Some didnt seem shocked..Some didnt care...Some said I was crazy and whats next...Then there was sweet J who loves christmas and already has her christmas tree up ( who's crazy really ? ) and my sweet Stephan who said I couldnt boycott. They said no need to go big and wild but stay sweet and small and enjoy this year for what it is meant to be .

So this year I may get a tree, I may do some gifts, and I may put window stickers up of little elves making toys but what I know I will do...I will stay home enjoying my family, a good movie and drinking a coke just like I wanted to .


  1. Roxanne,

    I completely understanding wanting to boycott Christmas when the world has taken the true meaning out of it all. Glad your doing the right thing and keeping it with the family!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I hate the whole holiday season and would boycott too if I could. It is the most depressing, most stressful time of year. But Katie already knows about it and I can't disappoint her. I am dreading getting a tree, going shopping, all that crap. Bah humbug.