Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Constant Gardner

Have you seen this movie ? I hadn't tell just hours ago.

Besides it starting very slow and me wanting to totally give up on the movie when she looses a full term baby and they show her nursing another baby who's mother is dying...The movie was great.

It wasn't what I was expecting, it was a wonderful movie full of twists and turns and a terribly sad ending but it makes me wonder.

I wonder alot.

About our government, the push for vaccinations and ob's.

Did you know is 1900 more then half of births were home births? Then by 1935 the number decreased to 12.5 %? Do you know why ?

Because the medicine community portrayed midwives as dirty, illiterate, and ignorant and women were convinced that they were safer in the hands of doctors and hospitals.

Birth evolved from a physiological event into a medical procedure.

By the 1960s, these interventions were common in all American hospitals and women were unaware of any other way to give birth (as well as unaware when they were giving birth!). In addition, women were forced to labor without presence or support from partners or family, infants were taken from the mother at delivery and cared for in newborn nurseries, bottlefeeding became the norm, and babies born outside the sterile environment of the operating room were labeled contaminated and kept separately. There was no scientific rationale for any of these procedures; to the contrary, many of them were eventually shown to be harmful.

Did you know we rank 29th place in Infant death ? Why are we so high on this list when our doctors know so much ?

So off topic I KNOW...

The point....

That just like doctors delivery our babies and not midwives and people vaccinating or not we don't know the long term effects of so many things.

So why do we allow it? In the Constant Gardner all these poor people where being used for drug testing and dying. The government was hiding it because it would cost them thousands to fix the problem back in a lab .

For me I think the bottom line is that most people don't really know what's going on . Most people don't question why the formula companies are paying for breastfeeding ads, they don't question why coke-a-cola is Paying millions into our school's ?

They are doing it because they get something out of it . So what is the governement getting out of us vaccinating ? Having our babies in hospitals? Why dont we have more studies done to show how safe VBAC's are ? Why are we still reading medical information for 20 years ago ? Why arent our doctors up to date on all of this information ?

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