Monday, November 16, 2009


So birth is a hard subject for a few reasons-

1.) Emotions run high when we speak about our children and our choices

2.) Everyone has a different expectation and desire

3.) One way is not right for everyone

With this said I have had 2 different experience's-

1.) An emergency c-section a month early, I remember the the emotion of fear, uncertainty and of knowing this was not how I wanted to enter into motherhood.

2.) We planned a home birth VBAC to help heal the emotional pain I had felt of struggling to breastfeed, to care for my baby and most of all just function as a new mother should. We sadly didn't get our home birth, after my water broke and no contractions for 3 days we headed to hospital . I was scared. I had failed to birth the way nature intended. I failed again . After I processed through all of this I accepted going to the hospital but still had my heart set on a VBAC. I was determined to feel the pain, the pleasure and the intensity of birth . I thankfully got my VBAC and labored 14 hours on Pitocin to finally birth a 7 pound 3 ounce little girl who I birthed vaginally.

I am sure you are thinking why are you blogging about this on a random day in November? Well I will tell you a friend of ours decided to have a c-section . She decided against the way nature intended . She for no reason felt that a c-section would be a better choice for her and her baby. I am sad for them . I did try to change her mind ! I will admit I stepped on toes and tried to explain so much stuff to her. Here are just a few reason's elective c-sections aren't the best option in my opinion.

I know some c-sections are amazing gifts to people to save there children and we arent talking about that here. We are talking about choosing an elective c-section just because. I feel like if society didnt scare us into believeing birth is such a scary thing more women would choose to birth vaginally .
1.c-section can be a violation of your body

2.A c-section is also physically damaging. It is a major abdominal surgery.

3.There is a higher risk of blot clots following a c-section than a vaginal birth.

4.Hysterectomy is more common after cesarean.

5. The risk of maternal death is higher.

6.Babies born by c-section are much more likely to have respiratory problems than babies born by vaginal birth.

7.Babies who are born by cesarean section may have a harder time breastfeeding. The first nursing session is almost always delayed and it may be harder for the mother and baby to establish the breastfeeding relationship.

8.Women who have cesareans suffer from more infertility than women who have vaginal births.

9.One in three babies is brought into the world by surgery this is not what nature intended.

10. Even though VBAC's do happen sadly they are few and far between and women who have them have to fight for them so you are in most cases choosing to have more c-sections in the future.

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