Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where to start

I enjoy reading others blogs of love, adventure, hearts desires and loses.I never thought I would feel the need to start a journal of our journey . Our journey of the unknown, our journey of possible autisim , of possible pain , of possible genetic disorders. But I do know this, this journal will be of our joy of having children young, eating organic, cloth diapering our babies and trying every day to see the joy of what we face.

Riaan was 2 in April of 09. He is such a joy, he is crazy and loud but gentle and loves his baby sister. He also was not talking, couldnt sit still for more then a moment, would hit himself out of frustration and was growing very large in size.

What does this mean? I am not sure yet. You and I will learn more as we go on but for now we know he will start speech therapy every week. We are on a wait list for a child audiologist and child neurologist.

This blog wont have perfect spelling but it will have raw emotions of a 20 something mom of 2 kids who never saw this coming.

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