Monday, July 20, 2009

Miss Lyla Mae

Even though we started this blog for our journey with Riaan's possible learning disabilities this is our families blog to share the good the bad and the love . Our newest addition to our family Lyla is all of that.She is as sweet as a bug until she isnt . She is such a great sleeper tell she isnt and wants to party all night .I also want to share her birth story for you as I had a successful VBAC.

My water broke on Monday April 6, 2009. I was so exciting that my daughter was going to be born at home into the loving arms of Stephan and our midwife team . Well after 3 days of trying everything possible Lyla decided she was happy where she was and had no intetions of coming on her own . I was not just emotional that I thought I lost my chance of a homebirth but for months before the birth I was preparing for a VBAC.For those of you who dont know what a VBAC is it stands for " Vaginal Birth after C-section". I had such a traumatic birth with Riaan that I wanted nothing to do with hospitals or there staff.

God did have a plan and after 14 hours of pitocin and 2 loving nurses ( which one was named Lyla ) I got my VBAC. Lyla Mae was born on April 10, 2009 into the arms of a doctor who was not prepared for only 30 minutes of pushing ! They handed her straight to me and it was love at first sight. She nursed great from the start and was over joyed with my hospital experience and there support of my options in my VBAC, Vaccinations and cloth diapers.

See now I know God planned it this way to give me peace in my c-section, I allowed myself to listen to god and go to the hospital even though I didnt want to and I am so happy I did . I was told so many times VBAC'S arent safe, no hospital will do them and god showed me that wasnt true. He provided me with a great team of people who I forever am indebted to not just for allowing me to birth the way I wanted to but for the healing of my first birth.

Please dont allow someone to tell you, you cant have a vbac.Please dont allow them to change your mind . If your OB wont do it, find a new one. If you are interested in it look it up all the research shows it is safe and more and more women every day are making the decision to birth the way they want .

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  1. Please feel free to email me at anytime. I have been in those unknown shoes twice. Your kiddos are to cute.