Friday, July 9, 2010

Checking in

Hi Friends,How is your summer going ?

Ours has been a mix of preschool 2 a week and me working 3 days a week . Seems like it has been crazy but cant really think what we did most days. I have found time though to do Lyla's hair everyday.

This couldnt be cutier right ?

Riaan has started talking so much, combinding words and trying so hard to communicate. Everyday he tries hardier and I really hope by September his teacher notices a diffrence.He has became very camera shy and this is what alot of his pictures look like now .

We have bbeen taking Riaan swimming once a week and he is finally getting into the pool. Sometime through the summer he forgot how great it was to swim but is happy to adventure in it now .

Nothing to exciting on this front. I have more to share but the lack of time is stopping my words from coming.

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